General Information


Appointments for privately insured patients attending Subiaco or Bunbury can be organised by contacting the rooms.

A current referral from your Specialist or GP is necessary to provide information about the reasons for referral and to ensure that you receive a Medicare rebate for your consultation.

Please ensure that you bring your referral letter along with all your recent Xrays, CT scans, Echocardiogram results, blood test results and a list of all your current medications, including non-prescription items.

You will also need to bring your Medicare card, DVA card and Private Health Insurance card/information with you.

The cost of each consultation will depend upon the nature and complexity of the visit.
Information about costs of consultations will be provided at the time of booking.

Hospital Admission

If you require surgery, the risks and benefits of procedures will be fully explained to you during your consultation.

Information about anticipated length of stay in hospital, recovery times post surgery and post-operative complications will vary with each procedure and between individual patients. You will be provided with information specific to your individual situation.

The cost of hospital admission varies with the type of surgery and length of stay. Medicare and individual Private Health Insurance cover a variable amount of the recommended scheduled fees for Cardiothoracic Surgery. Written information about out-of-pocket expenses will be provided to you when booking surgery.

Overseas Patients

Assoc Prof Jurgen Passage accepts referrals for patients living overseas who do not have Medicare cover or Private Health Insurance.  The Centre for Heart Surgery can organise quotes for the cost of hospital admission and all medical specialist fees.

Stopping Medication Before Surgery

A number of medications for the heart can interfere with blood clotting, and may need to be stopped prior to surgery.

You will be advised which medications need to be stopped and written information will be provided. Please ensure you contact the rooms if you require clarification about your medications before surgery. Failing to stop some medications can result in surgery having to be delayed. Detailed information will be provided at the time of consultation.

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